Dr. John's Bench - December

Today I made the last bench for the Bench Project. In a way, it is the first bench because it is how I remember the very first thing I ever made with my "grandfather," Dr. John. He was my maternal grandmother's second husband and I spent part of every Summer and most holidays with them since I was very young. One Summer day, when I was about seven, he brought me into his workshop and had me help him make a small bench that he wanted to put on the side porch. I can't say that this bench is an exact replica, but I remember it was made with a single Pine board, assembled with nails, had little braces made from the notch cut out of the leg. This bench is made from 6' of 1x10 Douglas Fir held together with forged nails. It took about an hour to make and I felt the loving presence of Dr. John the whole time.