The Saw Horse Bench - January

I’ve made dozens of saw horses over the years. Some fold, some stack, some are for light duty, and some could support a dancing elephant. The saw horse uses simple structural design to support a load and can be made into a very sturdy bench with the addition of a wider top. This bench is 20” high, 39” long, 8” deep at the seat, and 15” deep at the base. 


It’s made of Cherry that was milled by a friend of a friend and was given to me a few years ago. The quality of the wood was good, but the 16” wide boards were badly cupped, and I had to cut them down into smaller pieces to make use of it. The legs have a 15 degree rake that is held by the board that is notched into them and the two ends are drawn together by a stretcher. The ends appear to splay out as well, but they’re actually just tapered on the inside edge. The top is attached with tow dowels at each leg. The bench is finished with a few coats of Danish oil and then buffed with tinted wax.

Saw Horse Bench