TCM - 10th Street

Tyler C. Merson founded Codfish Park Design in 2002 in a cooperative woodworking shop on New York City’s Lower East Side. He grew up in NYC and learned to cook on Nantucket Island and then lived and worked as a chef in Paris, Florence, NYC, Bangkok, and Honolulu. He learned carpentry and cabinetmaking as a child on my grandfather’s farm, renovating restaurants, and at Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Warren, VT. He has completed the Historic Preservation Program at Drew University and is a LEED Green Associate.

Mairo Notton was born in Estonia and came to the States to study Architecture and Design. He holds a AS degree in Architecture from the School of Visual Arts and has worked at Codfish Park Design since 2010.

Codfish Park is a low lying beach on the eastern end of Nantucket from where fishermen once fished and dried the the codfish that was once so plentiful in New England.